Andy Bailey

Technical Designer

Andy started his design career with four and half years at Unusual Rigging after graduating with a degree in mechanical, electrical and robotic engineering.

Andy has also worked at the Rigging Partnership, Neg Earth and freelance on a number of high-profile event projects. In 2011 he was snapped up by London 2012 Ceremonies to work as part of the CAD team for all four ceremonies. He then spent 14 months in Russia on the Sochi Winter Olympic Ceremonies as a 3d modeller and animation designer with a particular focus on creating animations to pre-program the world’s largest aerial automation system.
He then moved onto Glasgow providing his much sought after CAD skills for the Commonwealth Games Ceremonies.  Most recently Andy spent time in the Desert of Abu Dhabi surveying and CAD Designing for National Day 48.

Andy’s focus in recent years has been more in the world of Music Touring, most notably on Roger Waters Us + Them Tour and Rammstein European Tour.  For Rammstein, not only did he produce the CAD Designs for the tour, but he also drew and 3d printed the elements for the physical model to present to the Band.

His speciality has become visualizations.  A spectacular example of which is the sun’s path across Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Outside of the office Andy has been a dedicated helper with the Guides and Rangers for over 20 years.  Inside the office he is treasured as the master of the one liner.